I have been having a lot of fun this past month due to getting my hands on an early review code from Atlus for the Persona Endless Night Collection. This collection features Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight, Persona 4: Dancing All Night (for the first time on PS4), and Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight.

You can’t receive Persona 4: Dancing All Night unless you buy this bundle. This is my first reason you should consider this bundle mostly first as I mentioned in the video review above.

P5D 2


Storywise the games of P3D & P5D are the same. It’s just mainly advancing through the tracks and unlocking social events which are fan lore which tells minor stories. P4D however, in my opinion, is on a bigger level offering a very emerging story with great anime cinematics as well as the social event like cutscenes which are the main base for P3D & P5D. Regardless, the story is great for fans and inspiring buyers.

The graphics are on the great style you would expect from Persona games at this point. Remarkable smooth anime-like characters and design. This is complemented with incredible voice acting which is seldom seen in Japanese game ports. You already know that the music is banging. So yes; the presentation is on point!


There were only a few small issues I had with these games especially with P3D and P5D. Some of the color choices of the hud at times make it hard to distinguish things apart. Especially when things are moving in all directions on the screen. Last some of the songs of a slower variety will have you mashing corresponding buttons in a manner that is offbeat or to nothing. It feels awkward when most all the other songs are more on the beat than other musical score games on the market. Overall the gameplay is easy to pick up but hard to master and most of all fun.



The best way to play these game as well as the smart way is through the collections. Any other method is well not smart. Also, I hate to say it but 59.99 for the standalone of Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight & Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight despite being great isn’t worth 59.99 separately. I do highly recommend the collector’s edition and this one Persona Endless Night Collection.


I Highly Recommend Persona Endless Night Collection.

Definitely An Endless Night Of Fun For Persona Fans And All!


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