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WWE 2K19 Patch 1:03 Notes, New Moves Pack Information And Screens

wwe 2k19 new moves pack ClaymoreKickZigZagCombo


WWE 2K19 just received a new patch, 1.03 to fix a few issues in the game as well as prepare for the upcoming New Moves Pack. The date hasn’t been giving but the price of $3.99 has as well as a list of moves. Get the moves list and the patch notes below.


WWE 2K19 Patch 1.03 is Live

The latest patch for WWE 2K19 is live today to prep for the upcoming New Moves Pack and address the following issues.

Universe mode

  • The proper menu displays when using a Superstar unlocked via VC and assigning them a custom title in a show. Also, the title will no longer soft crash when attempting to load into the edited show.
  • No additional manager will appear when customizing a normal match with managers and then switching to another Superstar with two managers.
  • Fixed issue with normal matches with managers when the target menu would appear when selecting participants for an entrance run-in. The target menu no longer appears, and if a match participant is selected for a normal match with managers, their opponent will be automatically the target of the entrance run-in.


  • Fixed soft crash when using some specific side plate designs in a custom title and then assigning that title to a Superstar with custom side plates.


  • Fixed issue with players not receiving a new move when purchasing from the store and closing out of the game during the loading screen immediately after. Now players that do this will retain their VC and are free to purchase that move again if they like.


  • Players are now able to reverse the A.I.’s signature and finisher after a comeback has been successfully performed in the Million Dollar Tower.


  • Springboard Stunner 3
  • Exploder Suplex 10
  • Wonderful 4
  • Assisted Twist of Fate

wwe 2k19 new moves pack AssistedTwistofFate2

  • Avalanche/Side Effect Combo
  • Running Senton/Leg Drop Combo
  • Claymore/Zig Zag Combo
  • Matt Hardy 6
  • Diving Moonsault 5
  • Shooting Star 4
  • Inverted Phoenix Splash
  • Double Rotation Moonsault
  • Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault
  • Springboard Shooting Star
  • Tombstone Piledriver 3
  • Hammerlock DDT 3
  • Rope Hung Lungblower
  • Middle Rope BME
  • Springboard Sling Blade
  • Spinning Handstand
  • Springboard Superkick
  • Springboard Spanish Fly
  • Spinning Brainbuster
  • Discus Clothesline 4
  • Suplex Piledriver 2
  • F-5 4
  • Elevated Flatliner
  • Fisherman Driver 3
  • Wheelbarrow Leg Drop
  • Best Kept Secret
  • Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter
  • Murphy’s Law
  • Slingshot X-Factor

wwe 2k19 new moves packSpringboardXFactor

  • Inverted Atomic Drop/Leg Drop Combo
  • Powerslam/Headbutt Combo
  • Electric Chair/Bulldog Combo
  • Time Bomb
  • Avalanche Powerbomb
  • Pop-Up Hurricanrana
  • Dragon Twist Cutter
  • Handspring Back Elbow/450 Splash
  • Deadlift Powerbomb 2
  • Half & Half Suplex 3
  • Inverted Olympic Slam
  • Rainbow Cutter
  • Deadlift Apron Suplex
  • Spiral Tap
  • Hip Toss Chokeslam
  • Springboard Feint
  • Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4
  • Pumphandle X-Factor
  • Stormbreaker
  • Torture Rack Back Stabber 2
  • Half Nelson Uranage
  • Knee Strike/Moonsault Combo
  • Strike Blitz/Mushroom Stomp Combo
  • And more

wwe 2k19 new moves pack KentuckyKnee


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