In case you missed it, last week on my YouTube channel, ADG Entertainment, I began my new GM Mode series for WWE 2K19. In the first episode, The Monster Speaks vs the Universal Champion, Bobby Lashley. How will the first show go for General Manager, Baron Corbin? Watch above and found out.

Various other details will be available here on the site for my GM Mode. You can go the new official section here to get info such as additional notes and scores to keep up with who’s winning Smackdown Vs. Raw brand war.

Here are my extra notes below but watch the show first so you won’t be spoiled.


Sasha Banks Vs Ember Moon: Slow Start Finish off miscalculation of Ember Moon giving Sasha Banks the Victory 3.5 Stars 6,020 Rating
The B Team Vs The Ascension – Back and forth. Bo Dallas should of been done twice as he was hit with The Wasteland Twice but kept kicking out. Bo Dallas gets cover on Victor for the victory. Great Match 5 Stars: 10,820 Rating
Bobby Roode Vs. Lars Sullivan – Back and forth Bobby shows signs of greatness and a chance to win but Lars caught him with Freak Accident. This move was devastating enough to get the 3 count first try. “John Cena would run-in to attack Bobby Roode and would use a steel cage to trap and attack him. 3.5 Stars 6070 Rating
Tamina Ms. Smackdown Money In The Bank vs Natalia. Natalia puts up a good fight but Tamina wins. 3.5 Stars 5,090 Rating
The Deleters Of Worlds Vs. The Revival – The Revival seem to be to steps behind the Tag Champs and not in sync. Matt Hardy scores the victory after a Twist Of Fate. 4 Stars: 7,660
Dean Ambrose Vs Elias – Seth Rollins, Intercontinental Champion jumps Elias before the match giving Dean Ambrose the advantage. Despite the advantage Elias gets the victory.
3 Stars: 3, 170 Rating
Monster Speaks Promo: Braun speaks on Bobby Lashley and his issues with him as champion. Bobby talks smack but admits he does have respect for Braun. Braun without having an answer to that begins a brawl that Bobby Lashley wins. Promo Score 445
Main Even Bonus of 222.5
Total Night Score: 39,497.5 (about a 3.5 Stars Show)
Match Of The Night: The B-Team Vs The Ascension

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