Apologies for the lack of posts here on the website. I’ve been working on some video content and review coverage with new ADG Let’s Talk episodes as can be seen here along with Mortal Kombat 11, World War Z, and other things. A lot of it will be covered in this ADG Let’s Talk (which was posted days ago). So enjoy!

Also, there’s tons of new content on the ADG Entertainment YouTube channel which is where I put my focus on the past few days.

#YOUTUBE SPRING ALGORITHM GOT ME MESSED UP, #ADGUNIVERSEeX UPDATE, CONTENT PLANS, ETC | #ADGLetsTalk – Gameplay footage from #WWE 2K19 & #Paladins via #PlayStation4 while I talk about my plans for the channels, challenges with YouTube’s new Spring Algorithm, ADG Universe Ex Update and talk on the upcoming show. BOOKMARKS ADG Universe Ex Update & Talk – 0:56 Don’t Think I Don’t Want To Do Videos – 2:14 Being Able To Talk About Gaming/Open People Up To My World – 3:34 My Issues With YouTube Spring Algorithm – 4:44 Da ADG Kidz On How They Use YouTube – 6:04 Thank You For My Partnership – 7:53 So Please – 10:00 Mortal Kombat XI Talk – 12:11 Key Content Talk – 13:36 What Anxiety Can Do To You, Talk Out The Side Of Your A**, Having Nightmares – 14:00 Content Coming Forth Talk – 14:48 #ADGWrestlingGamesNet16:00 Starting Paladins – 16:28 Overwatch Vs. Paladins – 16:39 Every #ADGLetsTalk Will Not Be This Long – 17:38 I Don’t Do 4K videos..but Technically (PS4 Pro Talk) – 20:00 If You Wanna Help Me – 22:12 Outro/Peace – 24:00