I just wanted to give you guys a friendly reminder that this blog is currently not being updated as frequently as before because it’s not my new main focus. My new main focus is on having a successful YouTube channel again.

Starting over on YouTube is something I regret but something I want to overcome and be back better than before. I will fell like I achieved a huge challenge in doing so.


So what does this mean for the website? It doesn’t mean you won’t see any posts. I’m just cutting back on what I cover news-wise. The news you see here will be a true reflection of mainly what I want to play, are playing, or think you should play and/or keep an eye on. I have to do this in a sense as well to get some free games as I don’t make enough money anywhere anymore. Add in probable posts of my videos and that’s this website, in a nutshell, going forward.


I just wanted to clear it up because some people thought I was done or don’t care. I do care about this website. It’s just not my favorite lady to give love to at the moment. YouTube carries my main heart and passion now.