It’s coming back. As I detailed today with the updated ADG Universe [eX] Rosters, Managers, Scores And Rules page, Season 2 is now in the works. I’m currently working on titles and overlays to make the presentation unique as I’ve decided I will not be putting as much editing in the shows as I use to do. This decision comes as I already have many projects that other WWE 2K YouTubers don’t do such as walkthroughs and such that they don’t do. Since I’m a variety channel I had to put this into consideration. This decision also comes from other factors too such as personal health issues. I still think I can’t make great storylines as I did in the beginning on Twitch with AWE and the beginning of the original ADG Universe. This has been doing with people like New Legacy as well. I’m sure I can still pull this off with the power of OBS and scene creations.

*There will be a new superstar initiative at the start of the season vote will begin on the community page on YouTube*

You can also get a look at some of the presentation changes and even the updated ADG Universe Ex All-Star Championship, now held by Triple H after defeating Tomasso Ciampa at ADG Universe Ex Wrestlemania I: The First Time. See how new overlays will also tell the story of the matches and more with the screenshots of new “Coming Up Next” overlays. Did you notice we are now also live on Fox?!

When can you expect the Season 2 premiere? I would say in the next day or so! So go ahead reach out to me here, online on consoles, YouTube, etc if you still want to be a manager in Season 2 and effect the stage of Ex Worldwide and beyond!

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