Your boi, ADG finalized the season to ADG Universe Season One today. 86 episodes of wrestling in WWE 13‘s Universe with ADG. We simulated a season in this spectacular game and in this event we see the best of the season duke it out once more for ADG Universe Wrestlemania legacy who will make history.

Even though this season has came to an end we will continue with Season 2 based upon the final results of this season when WWE 2K14 releases on October 29th. Season 2 should offer more improved gameplay as 2K has improved upon the gameplay to provide more realistic wrestling experiences. you can go ahead and subscribe to my Youtube to don’t miss a beat of the action as well as coverage, gameplays, previews, and reviews of WWE 2K14.

The following superstars are inducted in this season’s Hall Of Fame for remarkable performance in Season 1.

ADG Hall Of Fame Season 1
CM Punk
Beth Phoenix
Chris Jericho

I also want to thank all the supporters of this show and still tell people about the show and direct them to WWE 13 With ADG. So they can know the history of ADG Universe and its great simulations. You can can also reach the full playlist for ADG Universe Here.