The first cosmic thunder of the Starstorm’s galactic fury is upon us! On 12-12 the foundation will be laid for an epic expansion of the multiplayer action game Awesomenauts!

This initial release will be an early access package for the Starstorm DLC, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter last September. The early access pack is all about the first of five upcoming characters: Ted McPain. McPain was one of the great heroes of the first AI Wars, a long long time ago. After his eventual heroic demise, he lived on as he became the star of various video games: Ted McPain I through XVII, Ted McPain: Zombie Blast, Ted McPain vs. Evil Ted McPain and Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting. Now the mysterious technomancer Voltar managed to re-materialize Ted, even though Ted’s pants appear to be lost forever in the mists of time.

Ted couldn’t care less about his drafty nethers, as long as he has his trusty transformable hand-cannon with him! Able to switch between a rapid firing machine-gun and powerful shotgun, Ted can adapt to all kinds of alien-blasting scenarios.

Together with Ted, this early access to the DLC will also include the first batch of custom game settings. These allow players to shake up the gameplay or even play an entirely different gamemode: deathmatch.

This early access package is only the tip of the iceberg for all the content that will be in the Starstorm expansion. Four more characters are on the way, a completely new map, a lot more customisation options, a custom game browser and most importantly, replays and spectator mode!

To celebrate this weeks’ launch, a calendar on the Awesomenauts facebook has been created. It will count down to launch and show daily tidbits about Ted and the Starstorm.

This news is source quoted from a Ronimo Games PR 

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