AquaPazza is finally hitting North American Playstationat a budget price of $29.99. It’s time to get into anime and Atlus filled fighting combat.  The game is full of wacky stories and tons of iconic Atlus game characters.
The look of this game really does look amazing. Animation of the anime styled graphics flow smoothly like an animated television presentation in the actual game-play. In reality, most of the animation is seen in the game-play. The story is shown in mostly dynamic artwork. This really was a good move for the AquaPazza team cause you can really tell how much effort was put in to make the game-play look amazing and flow smoothly.
Are you ready to seize the chance to fight and become a champion? Begin your adventure of becoming champion by viewing the below launch trailer for AquaPazza!
Story-wise AquaPazza will not “awe” you. It will either freak you out or have you laughing. I will just say the story isn’t the reason to buy this game.
The characters are very customizable from the hair to outfits. Setting up your fighter and partner is always an experience in itself. Each character still has their Japanese voice track but subtitles are available for narration.
Short And Simple….

An Atlus Dream Fighting Game

Play It! 8/10