There is so much I want to say about Atelier Rorona Plus. Most of it is good. I also want to let you guys know this is the first time I played an Atelier RPG from Koei Tecmo (yes they changed the name on us recently; KOEI TECMO EUROPE LIMITED) but I have spent least 4 to 5 hours on the game before making this review. I want you guys to look at this from an aspect of a gamer that is new to the series, who has an open mind and just love good games.

The story is very simple. Rorona is forced to save a workshop that is own by Astrid, the local hated town’s alchemist who helped her family. Rorona now works for her to pay her debts. One day, the king of Arland himself  put forth a decree that if the shop doesn’t prove itself in a term of three years it will be closed. Astrid steps down and leaves the responsibility to Rorona to prove this. Along the way you will get help from friends and people you come in contact with and learn more about what exactly made the king of Arland make this decree. Last but not least, the story is humorous and intriguing.

Gameplay wise there is a big learning curve.  If you never played the game before you will have to do a lot of traveling and thinking about what tasks and assignments you should complete first.  The world is lush as the characters that live in them. Fighting these characters are pleasantly fun as the character attacks and items are very unique and fun to use. In final you will have a lot to learn about tactics, recipes, and the world you play in but once you do it will become satisfying.

Short And Simple…

A Solid Remake And A Good Start For Newcomers


Interested In More On Atelier Rorona Plus Check Out The Website For More Info On The Bonus Modes, Characters and Extras In This Edition!

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