ADG is about to go on an adventure of survival and scare that only Capcom and Resident Evil can give in Resident Evil Revelations 2. I will be reviewing the entire product as a bundle. This will be different than most of my reviews. Being this is episodic content I will be reviewing each episode individually, including the Bonus Episodes. I will then tally the story score based on the average of all the episode scores. I will then take into content in the finale review gameplay, sound, replay value and other factors such as Raid Mode.

Episode 1, of course is about setting the story of Claire Redfield, Barry Burton, his daughter Moire and the mysterious little girl Natalia. Claire is living life as usual at an important event when interrupted by an attack which results in the kidnapping Claire and Moire. The story does a good job of reminding people Claire Redfield’s background and her relationship with Barry. It also begins to tell the story of Moire and her father-daughter relationship with Barry. Yes, and a lot of this goes on while they try to escape a prison of zombies and infected.


Short And Simple..


*The primary game experience for this review was Xbox One.  Designed for a quick reading experience. To learn more on Resident Evil Revelations 2 visit: You can view the ADG Plays series with Resident Evil Revelations 2

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