It’s been over a week since the release of THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV, so we hope you’ve beaten story mode. If not, SPOILER ALERT, we’re going to talk about that guy… being… thing.

It turns out that the final boss isn’t the Russian mountain of meat Antonov, but a mysterious otherworldly monster called Verse. Not much is known about Verse, but he appears to be made up of a legion of souls. As a result, he is a very powerful combatant who fights with a furious rage in the ring. Verse appears to be linked to Shun’ei and even has powers that resemble his, such as the ability to summon a fiery fist beat down. He’s traveled through dimensions in order to reach THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV tournament, and can’t wait to collect some more pretty souls. We don’t really have much more information about him, but it’s said that once he gets defeated in battle, the souls that make up Verse materialize into their previous bodies…

Why don’t you just watch the trailer  to see this walking horror machine in action?
*This posting is the official press release with small edits*

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