Let’s cut to the chase in this edition of Short And Simple Review and quickly explain whats good and bad in Disney Interactive’s latest game Disney Infinity.

ADG Short And Simple Video Review: Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is all about a huge universe of Disney and collectible toys. Along with these toys there are also collectible power discs. These toys and discs are used with the games interactive device, “Disney Infinity Base”. It is there where you place your pieces for gaming action.  You can take the likes of Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, Sully, and more through their own personal adventures or create your own in your Toy Box.

Monster’s University Intro And Gameplay

What is the Toy Box? Well my son’s says its Disney’s very own version of Mindcraft. You get in their and build and create whatever you want however you want. You gain more pieces by playing the games adventures or just playing in your own or downloadable toy boxes. You can also submit toy boxes to the server for others to play.

Disney Infinity Intro Gameplay And More

The more you play the bigger the game gets with Disney Infinity. It also gets bigger when you add more characters to your collection each character comes with it’s on little mini game making each purchase very worth the while in growing your Disney Infinity experience. The first purchase of the Disney Infinity Starter Pack will give you the main adventure stories of Monster’s University, The Incredibles, and Pirates Of The Caribbean. Each Starter Pack is also graced with 2 random power discs to give more life to your beginning toybox adventures.

Some things that are a little disappointing but understandable is that you can’t use a character from one brand with another in their main adventures example Ms. Incredible can’t go on an adventure with Jack Sparrow in the main Pirates Of The Caribbean story. You will have to buy other Pirates of the Caribbean characters like Barbossa to play co-op in the main adventures.  Now when it comes to mini-games or toy box you can mix and match how you choose. Also, there seem to be no way to match make with players like you can in similar user content games like Little Big Planet. You can’t browse and join other people’s toy boxes for play. You can only invite from your individual toy boxes. This is a bummer as it takes searching on community pages to find other Disney Infinity players.

Short And Simple…

Despite the shortcomings in online and some compatablility. Disney Infinity does manage to make a very good experience in its own campaign as well as replayability in user generated content.

The Possibilities Are Endless

PLAY IT 8.6/10